Bark’s Top Tips for Creating Cost Effective On-Site Video Content

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last year, you’ve probably noticed that video has become a pretty big deal on planet social media. Even if they’re short (probably unfunny) clips on Tik Tok or essays on YouTube, more people are watching videos now than ever before. YouTube itself has a daily view count in the billions and since it’s owned by Google, you ignore it at your peril. Making use of video in your online content doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here’s a few of our top tips to get the most out of on-site content.

Crisp Sound

Looking good on a video is obviously key, but too many people forget the importance of a crisp sounding microphone. Audio and visuals aren’t mutually exclusive and your video will fall apart if one is missing. Investing in a top notch microphone will do wonders for your online content while also giving off the right impression. Just imagine Planet Earth without David Attenborough’s silky smooth voice.

Search for talent internally

Those with their finger on the viral pulse are most likely lingering in your own company. Creating video content is as much about hitting the right themes and ideas as it is from a technological perspective. Creating video content doesn’t have to be complicated; keep it simple and give some of your colleagues the opportunity. You’ll save some money by searching internally for your next Tarantino and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Customer videos

You’ve probably noticed already the rise of video testimonials from customers as a popular on-site content technique. They’re simple, authentic and dead easy to film, which only adds to the trust that your audience will take from this type of video. Keep this simple and don’t try to add a glossy level of production – it only makes your content seem less sincere. Find some happy customers and get recording!

Find royalty-free images and music

This is a great tip for everyone uploading all kinds of content! Sites such as Unsplash and Pexels provide entirely free to use images and video content without worrying about copyright issues. If you’re stuck for thumbnails or other collages, these sites are a go-to when creating video content.

Make use of Fiverr

Fiverr has been many video content creators saving grace for many years now. If you’re worrying about high standards of editing or acting, don’t worry. Using freelance sites such as Fiverr is a great way to find hidden talent at very affordable prices and after a quick search, you might just find a dark horse.

With YouTube now acting as a search engine (second only to Google itself), video content is going to grow even more over the coming years. More social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are integrating videos into their user experience by the day. If you’re not making the most of this opportunity, you should catch up before it’s too late. Trust us – video content doesn’t have to be expensive.

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