Influencer Marketing



As influencers are playing a larger and larger role in the social media landscape, influencer outreach has become a pivotal part of digital marketing. Looking for people with a finger on the constantly racing pulse? Based in Hackney, London, we’re long-time specialists with a focus on influencer outreach and an eye for the niche.

The Right People

Gathering and maintaining extensive lists of influencers who fit your brand is one of our specialities. In our eyes, engagement is the essence of successful social media partnerships. In return for free products, influencers will promote your brand to huge audiences to get your name out there.

Attribution Models

How do you know this isn’t all hot air? Simple. Our attribution model provides you with proof of social progress, including cost per click/view/engagement right down to the penny. This guarantees us a return of investment on every piece of content we post, while giving you a detailed, statistical insight into how it’s all going.

Brand-Owned Relationships

Unlike most social media agencies, the trusting relationships we build with bloggers are yours. We use undercover names and brand email addresses when interacting with influencers, which allows you to take on those relationships with zero fuss after we’ve gone. To put it simply, all these interactions belong to you.

Our Work

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